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Agro Tourism In Uttarakhand

Tourism has been an entertaining activity for a long time and people who are travel, wildlife, or nature lovers but in recent times it has tourism has divided into many parts so now agro-tourism is one of the rising parts of tourism and Uttarakhand is famous for this becouse of GB pant university

Dehradun, Udham Singh Nagar, and some parts of Nainital like Haldwani and Ramnagar are also famous for agro-tourism.

In recent times, we are seeing that urban life has completely separated from rural life. Especially the new generation of the city has no connection with agriculture, mountains, forests, and nature. In this modern and technological era, the urban public is gradually becoming a machine itself.

But on the other hand, agro-tourism has again brought us an opportunity to connect with nature.

Through agrotourism, tourists will get a chance to understand nature by being present in the fields, barns, and crops and get involved in practical activities related to agriculture.

 Apart from this, urban tourists will get an opportunity to experience all the village life like bathing in ponds and rivers, milking cows and domesticated animals, riding tractor trolleys and bullock carts, and getting information about crops and vegetables.

Under agro-tourism, nature-loving tourists get involved in natural activities and get a lot of entertainment and learn as well as watching tourists.

The biggest benefit of agro-tourism is to the farmers. Farmers can earn additional profit along with their farming, and animal husbandry. Maharashtra is the leading state in the country to develop and promote agri-tourism.

Agrotourism can prove to be good employment for students doing a degree diploma in agriculture.

Out of 13 districts of Uttarakhand, 9 districts are completely mountainous. According to the climate of the state, the cultivation of fruits like apples, pears, plums, apricot, and walnut can be made the basis of agro-tourism. Along with this, attention can also be paid to medicinal farming.

According to the state, there is immense potential for agrotourism in Uttarakhand. It will give a boost to the tourism sector of the state.

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