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Budget-Friendly Local Food Options in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is the place where you will get a variety of food options and when you visit Uttarakhand you do not need to go to any big brand or any special hotel just go to a small Dhaba-type shop and enjoy typical Uttarakhand food.

Here we have given some of the best places ours as we feel you need to stay in these places and just enjoy the local cuisines.

Snacks in Uttarakhand– Paratha is the mainly offered snack in Uttarakhand and apart from this the things which you can get are Tod k ghutke, Pakode with chai, Puri Chole and so many other local foods.

Lunch- for lunch in Uttarakhand people go for Bhat and Dal and it changes as the demand of people but the typical local food which you will love is Rajadi of Bhut, Gauhat. Dubuque, chachiya, Kande ki Roti, Jhonghere ki Pudding, and Bhat.

Dinner- in dinner you will have a big variety of Dinners you will get Maduwe ki roti which is best for sugar patients, Bajre ki Roti, Mota Halwa, and Kandali ka Sag this is what you should not forget to eat in Uttarakhand.

As it has been a long time in the market and while guests are on tour we also go with them and have tested almost every restaurant on the road side, so here are some of the best ones which are highly recommended.

Sardarji Shop in Nainital Road

This is well known among tourists because of its delicious food, this is in Nainital and if you are on a Nainital trip you must visit this place.

Mutton Chuppa– this is one of the most famous foods in Nainital and this is located near Nainital Ground in Bhotiya market starting.

Naini Momos– This is located on Haldwani road in Bhowali and this is famous for momos, thuppa and shup.

Agra chaat– this is the best. Have south k bathe, located near the only traffic light that’s in Haldwani. (on Kaladungi road)

Shan e Panjab -this is on Kashipur road Ramangar, this is famous for simplicity and the best food at affordable prices.

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