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Cultural Significance of Uttarakhand

Explore Uttarakhand and its cultural significance with us the oldest cab booking service provider in Uttarakhand and each city and town of Uttarakhand, if you really love Pahari culture and rituals so visit once to feel deeply culture and cultural heritage of Uttarakhand.

Hinduism– mostly people are Hindu in Uttarakhand, which is the hub of ancient Hindu temples and Char Dham Yatra, those who believe in Sanatana must visit the place.

Uttarakhandi Fold Music and Dance– Uttarakhand is rich in traditional dance and music, which you can see in its dance, wearing, and songs as well. Songs are very melodious and touch the heart in this kothik, jhora and choliya are famous around the world.

Local festivals Uttarakhand is home to diversity as you will see many festivals which are totally dedicated to nature, some of the big meals are Kumbh, Nanda Rajjat( happens 12 years), Char Dham yatra.

Pichora– this is a famous wearable item for women this is specially worn on special occasions this is a mark of prosperity and happiness as well.

Dhol Damaou– when it comes to music old people used to give background music with Dhol and Damou and so many other instruments which are famous, Dhol damage is famous as you can see in each song, and now its tread mark of Uttarakhand music.

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