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Do’s And Don’ts When Traveling in a Cab in Uttarakhand

While visiting a new place like Uttarakhand people mostly hire taxis for rent, which is a very nice idea, but they do not give attention to safety and other parameters while booking the taxi. It starts with hiring a cab with a license, Make sure that you are hiring a licensed one-cab booking service provider. Apart from this many other guidelines are given in order to offer the most luxurious feeling to tourists we need to consider all of them.

With checking guidelines it is our responsibility to check how tourism works, in this, we are discussing some do’s and not when you hire a cab booking service for your tour in any place but this is specially dedicated to Uttarakhand cab service, guidelines may be different for other states of India.

Do’s While Traveling

  1. Always plan your journey in advance – it’s always advisable that when your plan to visit a new place so make your plan in advance and try to collect more information about the place.
  2.  Advance Booking of Cab in Uttarakhand – advance booking ensures that you do not have to worry about the tour and you will get things as per your planning, when you go for pre-booking you have more options, and time to compare the taxi service providers you may find batter cost and services.
  3. Get all the identities of the car and cab drivers in advance like the driver’s name and the color/make of the taxi. 
  4. Talk about your plan and fix the rate in advance.
  5.  for hill, and area tours go with a local cab service provider who knows the local area, roads, and dialect properly.
  6. cab booking service providers mostly work on a day and distance basis so make clear how you are going to hire them if you hire them on a kilometer basis so look at the rates at ARTO Dehradun and Haldwani or you can ask a cab booking Haldwani or Dehradun offices.
  7. The uttarakhand tourism department provides tourism licenses, especially for dealing with tourists so ask your cab service provider.


  1. Do not sit if you find the driver is under the influence of alcohol.
  2. If you think that the vehicle has been replaced with an old one so avoid it.
  3.  many places of Uttarakhand are prohibited as night rides because of the reserve jungles so get the information and do not force to driver.
  4.  do not be over-risky when the driver is denying so do not force to ride him special when it’s a landslide or water is in monsoon season.
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