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The Future of Private Cab Services in Tourism

As tourism has been increasing rapidly in Uttarakhand, in this cab services have become an essential part of the Uttarakhand tourism industry, cab service providers easy and affordable way to explore the land of Gods. 

So here we are just discussing the future of cab booking services.

Technology in Service– as it’s the world of Web 2.0 in the future it can sift into Web 3.0 or some new tech can overtake it so it is going to depend on technology, like artificial intelligence.

Petroleum to electric or Hydrogen – as right now most of the vehicles are run by petroleum, as the Indian government is promoting green energy, and by 2030 half of the market will be electric. As our transportation minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari mentioned in a press conference.

Sustainability– as we also have discussed in a blog about the effect of tourism on the aura, people, and other things it’s expected that private cab service providers will play a big role, like in Dehradun it’s essential to use a dustbin inside the vehicle, these type of many other schemes and revolutionary idea can be seen in future.

Expansion of Cab Market– right now in Uttarakhand cab service is used only by tourists and in special cases other local people use, but in the future this market will be growing up, as the industry area is set up in Uttarakhand it will give a boost up to cab services.

Service Expansion– right now most taxi services are only working as service providers but in the future, most of them will be also providing you services with hotels, corporate, and other events services as well.

High Competition –With all these things competition is also going to increase in the future as new players are coming up with new ideas and marketing strategies.

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