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Haridwar means the gateway to God Vishnu Haridwar is situated in the western part of Uttarakhand with 2360 sq km2 and city covers approx 12.3 sq2, Haridwar is one of the ancient cities of India and the temple capital of Uttarakhand, This is known for Pilgrimage sire in north India. Haridwar city is located at the bank of river Ganges (Ganga) which is known as the most sacred river all ghats of this river are famous for getting salvation and Har Ki Pauri is most famous for them and this is also famous for night aarti apart from this the thing which makes Haridwar to most famous Pilgrimage site that is Kumbh Mela this is why after Samudrmanthan when God Vishnu was caring the Amrita so it spilled from the pot at four places and Haridwar is one of them.

One Tour of Haridwar helps you to understand the beauty of nature, Uttarakhandi culture, and Hinduism, Haridwar is the best place to understand the beauty of Sanatana. When you enter Haridwar and start your exploring Haridwar so exploration starts with the local market which is full of local courts and stalls you can purchase-

Old Coins which are of bronze, silver, gold, or other old coins people offer to Ma Gangesh.

Stone Shaligrams– Saligrams are properly shaped stone and refers to the God Hari who is known as a survivor of this universe.

Pickles & Murabba– Haridwar is in the Bhabhar area and is known for most of the fruits and orchids so hub plums are famous and Pickle & Muraba can be bought.

Bel and Buransh Squash-Bel trees can be found near Haridwar in big amounts so Bel Jouice is famous and it’s a herb that works a lot in summer and diseases related to heat.

Rudraksha Mala– Rudraksha is part of Rudra (Lord Shiva) it is believed that the Rudraksha tree is made up of the tears of Shiva and these are best for meditation.

Religious and Spiritual Books


Cab Booking Online in Haridwar

Haridwar is famous for temple tours and it is a mixture of the Hill and Tareain area, Booking Cab is the best way to explore Haridwar and Cab Booking Online offers you a wide range of services in Haridwar, we work with the aim of offering you affordable services by which you can explore each and every site of Haridwar.

Like other cities of Uttarakhand, our cabs are always ready for you to make your tour nice. So it is your Haridwar Tour and if you need to book a cab for your tour so join our team and get the best services in Cab Booking either you need to cab in Haridwar or Haridwar to any other city of India or Uttarakhand.

Which is the most economical cab available in Haridwar?

Cab Booking Online is the oldest taxi booking service provider and the most economical service provider in Haridwar.

How long do I get suHow many types of cabs are available in Haridwar?pport?

In Haridwar, you will get each kind of cab at Cab Booking Online.

How can I get a taxi in Haridwar?

When you need a taxi in Haridwar just call on 8791049146 or search Cab Booking Online and mail us your need and we will contact you soon.

Is there Ola or Uber in Haridwar?

Ya ola and uber you may book but people prefer Cab Booking Online.
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