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How can I plan the Uttarakhand tour for 7 days?​

One-week tour in Uttarakhand What luck I feel only lucky people get a chance to visit Uttarakhand in order to visit Uttarakhand for seven days you need to visit either only Kumaon or Garhwal division of Kumaon as it is not possible to visit the whole Uttarakhand in just seven days for whole Uttarakhand you need to look at our other blog in which we have talked about whole Uttarakhand tour.

In this article, we are talking about the Kumaon tour in 7 days How to plan that?

Well, first of all, Book a Taxi from Haldwani from a local cab booking company because it is not possible to get a cab booking at the time of peak season in Uttarakhand. So go for advance booking of the cab, hotels, and everything which you are going to do. So Seven days tour in Kumaon starts with Haldwani to Nainital when you reach in the morning after reaching Nainital go to your hotel and then plan to explore your further tour.

Day 01 Nainital and Lake Tour

Nainital is a city of lakes and hill station which is well known all over the world lake tour is famous and it takes a full day in which you cover 7 lakes of Nainital. In the evening return to your hotel and the next day plan for Almora and its local tour.

Day 02

Now you are in Almora Almora is a well-known hill station in Uttarakhand and you are going to explore this area today do not forget to visit Lal Bazar and taste Bal Mithai and Signori. On the second day, you will get to know about the history of Kumaon and the Local areas of Almora like Jageshwar Dham, Golu Temple Surya Temple, and so on.

Day 3 Almora To Patal Bhuwneshar

Patal Bhuwneshar is around 110 km away from Amora and this way goes via a hilly area so it’s going to be one of the most memorable journeys you had in your life. This will take around 4 hours then visit the temple and now be ready for Pithoragarh as you will stay at night in Pithoragarh.

Day 04

Have a local tour of Pithoragarh and explore it and now start your journey from Pithoragarh to Kausani as you are staying here for one night to explore local places and area, have local pure organic food, and enjoy the natural beauty of Uttarakhand.

Day 05

morning you will start your Cab Kausani to Ranikhet, Ranikhet is nice to enjoy and one of the best army contentment zone and training academies. It has a golf ground small lake and an army museum to visit and explore the Indian brave soldiers. Binsar Mahadev is a beautiful temple to visit.

Day 06

in the morning start your tour from Ranikhet to Ramnagar it’s around 102 km away and it takes 3 to 3.5 hours to reach Ramnagar from Ranikhet, Soural is famous for chole Pakode so do not forget to have that. Go to your hotel and take some rest and in the evening season, you will go for a Jungle safari in Corbett Tiger Reserve as it takes around 4 hours in the evening after returning take a rest.

Day 07 Departure from Ramnagar To Delhi

On day seven in the morning season go for a local visit like Girija Devi temple, Hanuman Dham, Corbett Fall, and Corbett museum, this visit will help you a lot to explore wildlife and to know about the wildlife, Ringora is famous for wildlife art gallery. Now in the evening, it’s time to say by Uttarakhand and start your cab to Delhi or if you have a train Haldwani or Ramnagar so it’s nice.

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