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How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Trip to Uttarakhand

 Uttarakhand trip is a dream for many tour lovers, many people do not get time due to jobs or other work but a big % of tour lovers do not visit because the trip goes over the budget and they pull their step back.

So here are some of the tips which will help you to save money while traveling in Uttarakhand.

1- Do not Hire Travel Agents-  Most people hire a travel agent and they provide you with everything mostly people hire them to avoid the hassle while on the tour but when you want to save little money so do not hire them as you have to pay their fee as well.

2-Travel by Train instead of Flight- Train is the cheapest way to travel anywhere so choose the train instead of any other transport system, but fix the date and booking should be done in advance as you will not get a booking at the moment.

3-Book Home Stay for Night Stay- Night stay is the best way to stay in the hill stations this is cheaper than hotels and resorts but when you have to feel the real local culture and food. So choose homestay for native food.

4-Use Public Transport than Private taxis- Uttarakhand government and its two wings JMOU and KMOU run public transport services in Uttarakhand and when you want to spend less so these are the best option as you have to wait for a little but they will be best for your budget.

5-Do Online Booking- When you visit and wildlife receives area and any historical area so you have to book in advance for that so in this people hire a local guide and they book and take some extra fee but if you give little effort and book yourself so this will be good for your budget.

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