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How to Plan a Trip to Uttarakhand

Almost every tour lover wants to explore Uttarakhand, this is a breathtakingly beautiful state, which is located in northern India at the foothills of the Himalayas and is famous for its wildlife, religious, and adventurous sites. If you are one of those who are planning a Uttarakhand trip, in this blog some tips have been given which will help you in planning your tour in Uttarakhand.

 Choose Time as Per Your Wish– Uttarakhand has weather as per the season, in summer it’s hot, apart from the hill station of Uttarakhand, and in winter it’s too cold and you will see snowfall so if you love trekking and want to have a good time in summer with your family so choose summer or if you want to see the snowfall to you need to come in the month of December or January.

Select the Place of Your Dreams- Uttarakhand is a big land that covers 53,483 sq km so it has many places to visit like hills stations, religious sites, wildlife reserves, and Yoga ashrams, and if you think that you will enter one side and will explore one by one so it’s not possible in limited holidays it needs proper planning and more than 1 month to visit whole Uttarakhand. 

 So, first of all, choose a destination where you have to visit and plan for that area you have to book a cab, hotels, and sightseeing, and if you are looking for wildlife so safari needs to be booked.

Make Sure Your Permits are Issued – it’s especially in the condition of Corbett safari like when you are especially coming for the safari in Corbett so booking needs to be done in advance and make sure you have got the permit for that, step out when it confirmed.

Book Night Stay – it’s very rush in Uttarakhand so when you have got the confirmation of safari or your other tour so book a night stay for that date, I would recommend you to be part of the homestay, as you will be close to the local culture and local food.

So everything is settled and time to plan your trip start your packing and do not forget to pack warm clothes and wait for the date of stepping into Uttarakhand.

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