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Impact of Cab Services on Locality

As tourism is increasing in Uttarakhand it promotion of private cab services in the locality, and cab service providers offer a comfortable and convenient way to explore the destinations, as it makes your tour easy it has some impacts on the locality as well. 

Here is the list of the impact of private taxi services on local people.

Competition with Local Transport- being a local if you are capable enough so you can start a small cab service provider company which will help people and you may earn good money it will give the employee to many many people and will help you to increase the level of your economy.

Increase of Local jobs– when a private cab company comes into the market so local people get a job as drivers and guides which is a positive sign.

Environmental Impact – Somewhere cabs which are run on petrol, and diesel are not good for the environment so this is a negative point which harms our nature.

So we need to support tourism in Uttarakhand, and if cab service providers are local so they support local tourism and native food.

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