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Sustainable Tourism in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is one of the most visited sites, that attracts millions of tourists to the state, however, tourists forget that tourism needs a sustainable way and this needs to be promoted in a certain way.

So here are some points on which we need to focus on.

Support Local Businesses: whenever it comes to tourism people and the government recommends local business support, like when you visit locally so you should hire a cab from the local service provider in Uttarakhand, stay in homestays or local inns, and should definitely go for local food.

Respect Local Culture and Customs:  it is seen many times that there is a huge conflict between locals and tourists because of culture and customs so it’s mandatory to respect culture and customs.

Minimize Waste:  as tourism activities are increasing in Uttarakhand with this we have been seeing the decaying of the environment and its huge loss, trafficking of animals and using of plastic and throwing anywhere which is polluting the area and littering it, so it’s advice that does not throw the single-use plastic.

Respect Wildlife:  wildlife also have the right to live peacefully and in the name of wildlife tourism we have seen people teasing the wildlife animals any time there is a conflict between wildlife and human as well,  so do not tease the animals to respect them.

Choose Sustainable Tour Operators: only choose the authorized tour operator who is run by the Uttarakhand tourism board, and who respects you and understands the responsibility.

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