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Tourism and Local Communities in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is the most popular tourist destination situated in northern India, this is part of the Himalayan range and catches the eye of millions of tourists every year because of its peaceful environment, lush green jungle, and stunning beauty. As tourism comes it brings employment and other benefits for locals but it has so many negative impacts as well, here is a closer look at these things.

Economic Benefit– Tourism is the backbone of Uttarakhan’s economy and this is bread for many local people, Many local businesses like hotels, restaurants, shops, safari service travel agents, and cab service providers in Uttarakhand rely on this.

Cultural Impact– tourism disturbs the local culture and cultural activities, and we are witnessing this since we were born and how tradition is rapidly changing, it’s a big loss of, customs and natural practices.

Environmental Impacts– however the increasing tourist activities put negative pressure on the local environment and it is not good for wildlife and natural resources Joshimath is a burning example of this.

Tourism has both negative and positive impacts on locality so when we need to make sure that when we go for nature tourism we do not have to overuse the natural resources do not airfare in wildlife so we have to face the conflict of human and wildlife or nature vs people.

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