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The Local Cuisine of Uttarakhand

Local food The taste of Uttarakhand is a guide for the local and delicious food. Uttarakhand is especially known for its taste like mota Anaj which is native ( Big seeds). With a taste this native food is best for health as well so it’s in demand of people a lot. 

As it has been more than 20 years since cab booking started in Uttarakhand and in these years when we go with tourists so these are some most demanded local food list in Uttarakhand, and if you are planning to visit so it is requested that you must try all these things.

Chole and Rayta–  chole and Rayta is famous in Uttarakhand especially when people get tired from a long trip and moon seek so this adds spice to the tour, made with black grams, and cucumber with khakis.

Aloo ke Gutke– when you visit Uttarakhand you will get this dish mostly at each stall and hotel, this tells the popularity of this local dish, which is very spicy and loved by travelers, especially with chai.

Bal and Singori mithai- Bal and singori are famous sweets of Uttarakhand and bal is like a state sweet of this northern state, Bal is made is condensed mind, and cocoa powder and covered with small sweet bolls, Laksya sen gifted bal mithai to Mr. Modi ji and he demanded again for this.

Singori is made with khoya and covered with the leaf of signori which gives it the next level of freshness and aroma, your Uttarakhand visit will remain uncompleted with the taste of Bal.

Arsa– this is a dish that is specially made on auspicious occasions, it’s made with flour, jaggery, and ghee and shaped round. This is a traditional dish but due to its demand now, you may get it in hotels at any time as a snack.

Maduwe ke Momos– Madua is the most healthy flour and this is a boon for sugar patients, this was invented in Kothdwar and have become famous among tourist.

Pakode and Bhange ki Chatni- whenever you visit any hill station in Uttarakhand so especially in Kumaon you will get pakode with Bhang ki chatni this is very delicious and you must try it once.

Chai – Chai is the drunkest in Uttarakhand and this is the state which is known for tasty tea, as you will find in the dialogue in Batti gul meter chalu by Shahid Kapoor Ye Uttarakhand h janab yha chai milti h vo bhi kayak ( its Uttarakhand people love to have tea, not coffee). People are Chai lovers.

In conclusion, Uttarakhand is a state which is known for its beauty and its native foods so if it’s your Uttarakhand tour so try local food I make you assure that you will love to have this, and its aroma will keep you attraction you to Uttarakhand.

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