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Tourism Department Uttarakhand

The land of Gods, Uttarakhand is very beautiful state which is part of northern India. This beautiful stated is full of stunning natural beauty, wildlife reserves, hill stations, Yoga Capital and Hub of adventures sports.  

In order to arrange tourism Uttarakhand has well established tourism industry, Uttarakhand tourism department has an important t role in order to promote tourism.

Establishment of the Tourism Department 

Uttarakhand tourism department was established in 2001 with the sole aim to promote tourism and give opportunities and jobs to local people. The uttarakhand tourism board is responsible for the conservation of cultural and natural heritage with this it worlds for the development and promotion of state tourism.

Uttarakhand tourism board provides services related to touring, in this if you want to do a wildlife tour they provide Safari booking, a nature guide, map of the jungle of a particular area, if you are of Char Dham Yatra so registration and apart from this they help in planning the tour and booking the night stays.

Uttarakhand Tourism conducts many fairs, and shows that promotes local tourism, with this it organizes a lot of cultural and adventure activities to attract tourist.

The uttarakhand tourism department has developed many tourism circuits to promote the local areas in which Dhar Dham Yatra, Ranikhet- Nainital, and Corbett Nainital. Haridwar Rishikesh circuits are famous. 

With this Uttarakhand tourism department also promotes to the local people who want to be part of tourism activities like Cab Booking in Uttarakhand, Hotels/resorts, especially homestays in Uttarakhand, local food court, or if someone wants to be the guide of a wildlife photographer. In this Uttarakhand government provide subsidy and essential training to them.

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