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Tourist Places in Dehradun Uttarakhand

Dehradun the city of love and winter capital of Uttarakhand, famous as doon valley and its pleasant weather, tourist destinations, historical monuments, Lal Bahadur Shastri IAS academy, Indian Military Academy and Indian forest research institute.

Here are the famous places which you need to explore:

Robber’s Cave: Robber’s cave is a natural cave located in Gucchu pani, this café is made but the stream of the water of river. Now this is a well known picnic spot.  This is covered with lush green jungle which makes it perfect spot for nature lovers.

Tapkeshwar Temple: Tapkeshwar temple is one of the most popular destination in Dehradun, this temple is dedicated to Shiva, this is in natural cave and the jal abhishek  is happens naturally. The temple is surrounded by beautiful hills and jungle.

Malsi Deer Park:  this is a zoological park situated in Dehradun, this is natural habitat of deer, peacocks and leopards. Apart from this its a nice bide sanctuary which makes it heaven fir birdwatchers. It has a small children park which makes it best spot for family outing.

Mandolin Monastery: This is a Buddhist monastery located in Dehradun and is known for its stunning architecture and peaceful aura. This is home to a 107-feet high stupa, which is the tallest  in Asia. The monastery also has a beautiful garden and a museum, making it a must-visit place for spiritual seekers and family.

Forest Research Institute:  Forest research institute is famous among researchers and science students, with this its also one of the famous tourist destination, apart from this many movies has been shoot indies the campus. It has a beautiful museum which helps yo know more about forests.

Apart from this Dehradun has so many other places which are must visited, so if you are in Dehradun visit so must visit in these places hire a cab in Dehradun for outstation tour. I hope this tour will help you to know more about Dehradun.

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