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Tourist Places in Dhanaulti Uttarakhand

One of the most visited and famous places Dhanaulti is a small hill station located in the Tehari district. 

Which is part of the Garhwal subdivision. This small town is located at  2286 meters above sea level, is known for its beauty, and gives a scenic view.

This is a perfect destination for those who want to be far from the hustle life of the city and want to spend time near nature in a peaceful aura. It has many places to explore and some are given blow.

Surkhanda Devi Temple: This is the most popular religious destination of Dhanaulti. This is on the top which is 2750 meters above sea level. From the temple, you will get the best view of mountains and jungles.

Eco Park: Eco Park is a well-maintained place situated in Dhanaulti. It’s surrounded by lush green timbers and offers a serene terrain for visitors to relax and decompress. The eco-park has manly walking trails, seating areas, and shoes from where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the girding mountains.

Dashavatar Temple: this temple is located in Dhanaulti and is dedicated to lord Vishnu ji it has all the ten avatars of lord Vishnu.

Apple Orchard Resort:  this is situated in an apple orchid in the middle of Dhanaulti. This is the most comfortable accommodation in Dhanualti, with succulent food, and stunning views of the girding mountains. The resort also has a range of recreational conditioning similar to badminton, carom, and touring.

 if you are in Dhanualti so these are the must-visited place.

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