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Types of Tourism in Uttarakhand 

Tourism is considered an entertainment and relaxing activity.  Tourism has many types so it depends on the tourist which kind of activities he/she likes and some tours depend on the situation like medical tourism and educational tourism etc. Uttarakhand is almost known as the best destination for wildlife, pilgrimage, and adventure but we can get another kind of tourism as well.

Type of Tourism in Uttarakhand 

Medical Tourism 

Medical tourism is when people go to another state or country to get better and cheap medical treatment. It includes minor to major surgeries, when people travel because of medicine so it can have many reasons but lower cost better treatment, or organ replacements are the basic ones.

Uttarakhand is best for Ayurdevic, yogic, and allopathic treatment it has many hospitals mainly AIMS Rishikesh, Susula Tiwari Haldwani, Yoga, and meditation with acupressure. Ramnagar (Paulgarh ) is famous for ayurvedic treatment and tourism.

Educational Tourism 

Educational tourism is well known as edutourism, this is when people go to other places or countries because learn different cultures, languages, creeds, and so on. Education tourism covers visiting historical landmarks, attending cultural events, participating in language courses, or participating in volunteer programs. 

This can be done at any level of your schooling or higher study and can be done solo or in group. In Uttarakhand many places like Almora, Dehradun, Pithoragarh, Haridwar, and Rishikesh these places are famous for the history of Uttarakhand and you can learn a lot about Hinduism.

Agro Tourism 

Agriculture tourism is a kind of tourism in which tourists visit the field, and core area and meet farmers to learn more about local communities and agriculture and their productivity. 

In this, you can see harvesting, orchids how to grow vegetables, and milking pet animals. This has been promoted by the central and state government. 

Agriculture is known as the backbone of our country’s economy. Our economic development largely depends on agriculture and now agro-tourism is increasing and playing a leading role in our economy. 

In Uttarakhand Govend Ballabh pant university is famous to learn about agriculture.

Cultural tourism 

Cultural tourism is part of tourism in which travelers explore new places and meet new people and come to know more about new cultures. Cultural tourism in Uttarakhand can help you know more about uttarakhand.

This will really help you to understand the diversity in this beautiful state.

Adventure tourism 

 Adventure tourism depends on physical fitness and skill. Many adventure sports have been kept under adventure tourism such as river rafting, trekking in Himalayan regions, traveling in dense forests, etc.

Uttarakhand is famous for adventures tourism this is the hub of off-roading in Corbett tiger reserve, Rishikesh for river rafting and bungee jumping, Kotabagh for the longest time of paragliding and Auli is famous for skiing.

Caravan Tourism

Caravan tourism is the latest way to explore unexplored places or areas which are beautiful and unspoiled by humans. This offers a great experience in which you have to stay, prepare food and do all the things on the wheels. This is like moving home.

Uttarakhand is best for Caravan Tourism and recently our CM promoted this and this will be a game changer.

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