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Uttarakhand is a part of northern India, one of the most beautiful states which is known for its beauty. When tourists try to find the best place for a tour, they want to see which state gives the maximum things to do.

Uttarakhand has everything for you it has natural beauty, hill stations, snow-capped hills, spiritual sites, National parks, adventure sports, and the Yoga Capital. Let’s check these details for more about Uttarakhand tourism.

1- Spiritual Tour– Uttarakhand is Dev Bhumi which means the land of God, it has so many spiritual sites with Char Dham Yatra which is the most secret Yatra in Hinduism.

Haridwar and Rishikesh are the most visited sites apart from this if you visit Uttarakhand so you can not be far from that temple becouse you will find a temple around 4km. This is the reason which makes this the perfect place.

 2- Adventure Tour–  Uttarakhand is known as one of the best adventures sites in India, this is famous for, River rafting, bungee jumping (Rishikesh) Paragliding (Bhimtal, Kotabagh) Rock climbing, off the road in Corbett Park. 

3-Natural Beauty– Uttarakhand is known for its most beautiful peaks, hill station, and doon valleys, as it is situated in the lap of the Himalayas, you will see a splendid view of the Himalayas.

Uttarakhand is blessed with natural beauty so if you love nature so uttarakhand.

4-Trekking-Trekking is one of the most loved activities to do near nature and uttarakhand has so many sites for this, Betalghat to Brahmsthali, Kedarnath Treak, Munshyari Treaking, Nainital trek, and other sites are there which make Uttarakhand perfect destination.

5-Wildlife Reserve–  Uttarakhand has the honor of having the first national park in Asia and the first tiger reserve which comes under (tiger conservation) act 1973, Uttarakhand has 6 national parks 1-Corbett national park, 2- Rajaji National Park, 3-Nanda Devi National Park, 4- Gangotri National park, 5- Valley of flowers, 6- Govind Pasu Vihar National Park.

These National Parks make Uttarakhand the best place for wildlife tourism.

6-Hill Station– Uttarakhand is home to a lot of Hill stations, it is known for hill stations like Nainital, Mussoorie, Ranikhet, Chopta, Munshyari, Pithoragarh, and Pauri.

These are famous around the world and make it a  decent place.

7-Camping– Camping is the best outdoor activity that cab be done far from home, with slow music, dancing with friends, bonfire.  This is the precious time with friends which makes it memorable forever.

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