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Wildlife in Uttarakhand a Comprehensive Guide

With Natural beauty, Uttarakhand is blessed with a big number of fauna and flora, especially famous for its biodiversity Uttarakhand is home to many wildlife animals and migratory birds during winters. As many tourists visit Uttarakhand in order to see the wildlife and birds and cab booking online has been serving them for a long time. 

Being a local guide and cab service provider in Uttarakhand here are a few guidelines or points related to the wildlife of Uttarakhand.

National Parks and Sanctuary in Uttarakhand- Uttarakhand has many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and reserve areas by the Uttarakhand forest department. Corbett tiger reserve, ( Nainital), Rajaji National Park(Haridwar), and Nanda devi national park( Almora) are the best destinations for wildlife lovers, and in these parks, the royal Bengal tiger, and elephants. Leopards and other birds can be seen.

Apart from this some of the reserve areas are also there like Binsar Kasturi mrig vihar the valley of flours.

Wildlife Species- Uttarakhand has many species of flora and fauna which can not be seen apart from Uttarakhand like the Himalayan tahr, snow leopard, the Himalayan musk deer ascetic elephants, and Himayan vulture kite.

Bird Watching– Uttarakhand is heaven for birdwatching lovers as it has 588 species of total local and migratory birds and Corbett Park, Pangot, Bhimtal, and Mussoorie are the best options to watch the birds.

Wildlife Safaris– Wilflie Safari is famous in Uttarakhand and this is an adventure activity as well, some of the famous places for wildlife safaris are Corbett national park and Rajaji National Park.

Respect Wildlife-  when you want to explore wildlife so it’s advisable that respect wildlife, do not carry any pet animals with you, and follow the guideline of the national park do not try to get out the side of the safari while you are in the jungle.

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